Highest quality cherries in Aragon, Spain

Cutting- edge agriculture, proper care and pampering of our land result in top quality cherries

3 generations of knowledge and experience

65 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of cherry trees of which 30 are covered with anti-hail netting, at 800 m. above sea level and optimal agroclimatic conditions that mark the character and excellent quality of our cherries. Large huge size and tasty cherries whose ripening time allows to run on the picking period in a perfect land for its development.

"The most important thing: our land."

The experience and knowledge acquired over three generations, the cutting- edge agricultural, the passion and excitement for lovingly grown and land are the main principles underpinning family´s philosophy. We are the archetypal family with a main motto “our land is the most important thing”. t’s our reason for being and central to our philosophy. That is something that materializes in our daily life with our fields care and work and the pampering of our cherry trees. The result is evident: highest quality cherries to delight the most discerning customers. Our premium quality fruit never disappoint both national and international customers expectations.

65 hectares of cherry growing area at 800 meters above sea level.

The agro-climatic conditions in the area make our fields an excellent environment for breeding cherries. Here you can see the time we have right now:

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The result of our work:

Highest quality cherries

The selection of our cherry is essential according to the fruit size, colour, flavour and standard quality required by Mountain cherry company

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